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Our trail
Now is a memory of the past, Sadly it was taken from us and we were told to leave.  We have been told if we are seen again the cops will be called.  So enjoy these memory pictures of the trail.

This is Me at the beging of the trail
The trail starts off Dillar Road. It then goes downhill into a tight single track with berms and stunts. We have an upper line and a lower line that parrels the Ennore Rive.

This is me on the first log ride
I am so wet after falling into the river, the log ride is right next to the river.
This is Brad on our first stunt finnaced by M*
It comes off a downhill, then you go up a ramp and inbetween two trees. Then you ride the flat part for 10 ft. then you go down the down ramp, where our jump section is planed to go. Except the river overflows.
Me on rock drop
Mueller on log ride 2