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Pictures from all over of our riding. . .

Most of the pictures were taken by Andrew Mueller, recently featured in Mountain Biking.

Brad at our old trail railing a turn

Brad using a rock wall in Dupont

Brad hitting a drop on Highway 14

Brad gaping from one parking lot to another, on Highway 14.

James (Me) black and white of me in Dupont

James on his backyard trail

James jumping a doulbe out at Eastside

James out riding down slick rock at Dupont

James riding down a log in his backyard.

James on old trail rock drop

James in Pisgah on Bennet Gap.

James snow berm in Dupont

James jumping in Andrew's backyard snow jump

James on his backyard teeter totter.

James riding on stunt during a bomb fire at his house.

Andrew on a double at Eastside

Andrew on table top out at Eastside

Me on a rock ride in Dupont